About Daniel Tkatch

Daniel Tkatch portrait

Daniel Tkatch (photo: Leonora Baumann)

Short biography

Daniel Tkatch is an author currently based in Brussels, Belgium.

He was born in Kazakhstan (former USSR). Concurrently with the demise of the Soviet Union in 1990s, his family emigrated to Israel. There he finished school, studied physics at the Technion in Haifa and subsequently worked in academic research.

In 2005, he took up studies in Philosophy and Art History at the Free University in Berlin.

In 2013, he moved to Brussels to continue writing his thesis in aesthetics and political philosophy at the Institute of Philosophy at KU Leuven. Currently, the focus of his research is shifting onto philosophy of mind and psychoanalysis without, however, loosing sight of their political implications.

Simultaneously, he is working as freelance journalist and editor for various pan-European media.


Selected publications


  • “The Right to Become Visible: A Case for Aesthetic Activism on the EU Level”, in Daniele Archibugi, Ali Emre Benli (eds.), Claiming Citizenship Rights in Europe: Emerging Challenges and Political Agents (Routledge, 2018) (link).
  • “Tourelle, het gevluchte kerkje” / “Турель, церковь–беженка”, in Atlas Brussel, DW B literair tijdschrift, 2017 1 (Dutch, Русский).
  • “Can art promote rights?”, CNR IRPPS Working paper 89/2016, p. 26 (link).
  • “Transcending Equality: Jacques Rancière and the Sublime in Politics”,  in European Society for Aesthetics Proceedings, Vol. 7 (2015), pp. 512-528 (link).
  • “Ojczyzna jest tam, gdzie jest dobrze”, Duży Format, Gazeta Wyborcza, Poland, 21.08.2014 (link).
  • “It looks like I’m German Now”, in Omnium Gatherum: A Trans-Genre Trans-Grens Anthology, Sara Rich (ed.), Dragoman Publishing: Leuven, 2014.
  • ‘Café, Content & Crossmedia – cafebabel.com schafft eine neue europäische Öffentlichkeit’, coauthored with Christina Heuschen, in Think Cross Change Media: Crossmedia im Jahr 2014 – Eine Standortbestimmung, Ilona Wuschig et al. (Hrsg.), Nordstedt: BoD (2014), 228-234.
  • “Jetzt bin ich also deutsch”, The Germans – Das Politik und Zeitgeist Magazin, zepterson Verlags: Berlin, No. 5 (June-July), 2013 (link).
  • “The German elections from an EU student’s perspective”, The Voice – International Student Magazine, LOKO: Leuven, Issue 2 (October-November), 2013.


  • Sehnsucht nach unmöglicher Normalität, Qantara.de – Dialog mit der islamischen Welt, 02.02.2017 (link).
  • Junction 48: Izrael-Palestyna na rozdrożu, Dziennik Opinii, Krytyka Polityczna, 08.03.2016 (link).
  • Jetzt bin ich also Deutsch: Die innere Einbürgerungsreise eines Israelis, Cafebabel, 11.05.2015 (link).
  • What-Does-Europe-Want Day, Katoikos.eu, 08.05.2015 (link).
  • Integrating Europeans into multicultural Brussels, EUobserver, 14.04.2015 (link).
  • Das EU-ropa Missverständnis, The European – Spezial zur Europawahl, 22.05.2014 (link).
  • The EU-rope confusion and the politics of consensus, Cafébabel – The European Magazine, 12.05.2014 (link).
  • Kościukiewicz: “Chcę być tym, kim zechcę”, Res Publica Nowa, 19.02.2014 (link).
  • ‘Madness is normal’: An interview with Danica Curcic, Cafébabel – The European Magazine, 16.02.2014 (link).
  • Diagnose: Überqualifiziert, The European – Spezial zur Europawahl, 31.01.2014 (link).
  • Overqualified and underpaid, The European, 29.01.2014 (link).
  • Zweimal Peer Unser, dreimal Ave Merkel, The European – Das Debatten-Magazin, 18.09.2013 (link).
  • Hauptsache beschäftigt, The European – Das Debatten-Magazin, 05.07.2013 (link).
  • Arta Dobroshi: ‘It gets emotional when I’m called on stage followed by “Republic of Kosovo”‘, Cafébabel – The European Magazine, 01.03.2013 (link).


Grants & Awards

    German-Polish Journalism Award 2014

    German-Polish Journalism Award 2014 (photo: Karolina Golimowska)

  • National Research Council’s (CNR) Short Term Mobility research grant at the Institute for research on population and social policies (IRPPS), July 2015, Rome, Italy.
  • German-Polish Tadeusz Mazowiecki Journalism Award 2014 (category print), May 2014, Postdam (link DE, link PL)
  • Ministry of Innovation, Science and Research of North-Rhein Westfalia (NRW) research stipend (2004-2005),  University of Duisburg-Essen, NRW, Germany.


Public appearances

Public debates

  • Ein Small-Talk mit Nominierten dieses Jahres, Deutsch-Polnische Medientage 2015, May 21-22, Stettin, Poland (Konzeption und Durchführung, bestätigt).
  • Panel ‘The Idea of Europe – Next Generation’, Dispute over Europe, Congress Kick-off, Haus der Kulturen der Welt Berlin, May 2, 2014 (link)
  • Braucht Europa Europäer? Gespräch über Europäische Öffentlichkeiten, Goether Institut Prague, November 11, 2013 (link, video)

    photo from panel discussion

    Panel discussion “The Idea of Europe – Next Generation” May 2, 2014


  • Can Art Promote Rights? A Case for Aesthetic Activism, Crossing Borders: Negotiation, Provocation, and Transgression, Birkbeck Institute Graduate Conference, Birkbeck, University of London 5-6 May 2017, London, United Kingdom. (link)
  • A Husserlian Account of the Hysterical Unconscious: Making a Case for Passive Noematic Synthesis, Issues in Contemporary Phenomenology Conference, 23-26 March 2017, Warsaw, Poland. (link)
  • Hysterical Souls: Disorders of Minded Bodies in Hegel and Freud, at Know Thyself – Anthropological Perspectives, 31st International Hegel Congress of the International  Hegel Society, 17-20 May, 2016, Bochum, Germany. (link)
  • The Dialectics of Hysteria: The Subject between Madness and Sanity in Hegel and Freud (keynote), “Body, Mind & Self” — 1st International Conference, Victoria University of Wellington and the Society for Philosophy and Culture, July 24-26, 2015, Wellington, New Zealand.
  • The Limits of Equality: Jacques Rancière and the Sublime in Politics, European Society for Aesthetics (ESA) Conference 2015, June 11-13, Dublin, Ireland (link).
  • The indeterminable boundary between madness and sanity in Hegel and Freud, Fifth Annual Graduate Student Conference 2014-2015, March 27 2015, KU Leuven, Leuven, Belgium (link).
  • Café, Content & Crossmedia – cafebabel.com schafft eine neue europäische Öffentlichkeit, Think Cross – Change Media 2014 conference, March 20, 2014, Hochschule Magdeburg-Stendal, Magdeburg, Germany (link).
  • Die integrierte Fernleihe in aDIS/BMS – Beispiele aus verschiedenen Verbünden, 16. Verbundkonferenz des GBV, September 5, 2012, Hannover, Germany (link).
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