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"Execution" by Yue Minjun (photo: Wikipedia)

‘It’s gonna be great fun!’ Politics in the age of post-truth

If you’ve ever wondered what post-postmodernism might look like, 2016 gives you a pretty damn good idea.

11/08/2017 ×

Film, Politics

Elia Suleiman (photo credit: Sarajevo Film Festival)

Elia Suleiman: Hope and Action Despite Pessimism [interview]

On the role of the engaged art in an increasingly globalized world and old and new Jerusalems.

01/09/2016 ×

Europe, Film, Israel

Manar and Kareem in "Junction 48" (© Dig The Movie LLC 2016)

Brothers and Others: Israel-Palestine in “Junction 48″

Udi Aloni’s “Junction 48″ won this year’s Berlinale Panorama Audience Award. Is Israel-Palestine standing at an important crossroads in its history? An interview

02/03/2016 ×

Europe, Film

A film-still from "Europe, She Loves" © 2016 2:1 Film / lüthje schneider hörl FILM

Europe, She Loves: A portrait of the BoredOfItAll generation

“May you live in interesting times,” says a Chinese curse. Jan Gassmann’s “Europe, She Loves” pays a tribute to European youth’s lost years.

26/02/2016 ×

Europe, Politics

Sydney schoolgirl Stephanie Kurlow (photo: Stephanie Kurlow)

Meta-Nation for Dummies

Newcomers could profit from an informative crash course on their hosts’ norms and values. But the question “What does it mean to live in a multi-ethnic society, in a meta-nation?” is one that hosts themselves should not put aside for too long.

29/01/2016 ×

Europe, Politics

A man walks in front of a burning building after a Syrian Air force air strike in Ain Tarma neighbourhood of Damascus, January  27, 2013. (REUTERS/Goran Tomasevic/Files)

Bombing ideas: Europe’s and ISIL’s radical solutions

It’s easy to dismiss the increasing drumroll of war in London and Berlin as a panic-fuelled reaction of madmen who happen to be in power. Yet, the truth might be even more disturbing.

13/12/2015 ×