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"Made in Illegality" — fruits and beauty products coming from Israeli settlements (photo: Anne Paq, Activestills.org)

Labelling Settlement Products: Economic or Symbolic Pressure?

Benjamin Netanyahu might be right— the European Union indeed “singles out” Israel by its recent labelling guidelines. But maybe not exactly the way he thinks.

25/11/2015 ×

Europe, Israel, Politics

Netanyahu at the 37th World Zionist Congress

Bibi’s Ghosts are Europe’s too

On Netanyahu’s use of history to deny the Israeli-Palestinian conflict its political status and history’s consequences for the European Union’s involvement in the region

05/11/2015 ×

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Art, held hostage by capital

Art, held hostage by capital

There is a global network of airport-based duty-free depots that buy and sell works of art that might never again see the light of day. Chances are you’re not among their customers.

20/10/2015 ×

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1960 Volkswagen in Wolfsburg

Ersatz environmentalism VW-style

My wife and I, we’ve been driving a diesel Volkswagen for years. And we were quite happy with our Golf. Until now.

03/10/2015 ×

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“German life” for all, refugees and Europeans alike

“German life” for all, refugees and Europeans alike

The refugee crisis is holding up a mirror to the European Union which reflects a troubling image— an image that cannot be talked away by morality rhetoric.

10/09/2015 ×

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The House of the Greek Parliament (photo: Del Mich, 2009)

Yes or No: The Last Sequel to the Greek Tragedy?

When just about everybody joins the condemnation chorus, the sanest stance is to remain sceptical, even when running the risk of being automatically lumped together with the usual suspects.

03/07/2015 ×