Islamic and Cultural Centre of Belgium (photo: Stephane Mignon, Brussels, 2011)

Euro-Ramadan: False Unities, True Diversities?

This year’s month of Ramadan — the ninth and the holiest month of the Islamic calendar — stands in the shadow of Charlie Hebdo attacks in January.

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Dodging politics, ditching democracy

Dodging politics, ditching democracy

The Brits and the Poles have voted last week in parliamentary and presidential elections, respectively. But if anything unites these two European elections, it is the way they illustrate the hollowing of the democratic process. While conservatives tout more of the same, the Left… Well, what Left?

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European Parliament Building with fragment of the Berlin Wall, Brussels (Photo: Daniel Tkatch)

Europe Day or What-Does-Europe-Want Day?

“It’s Europe Day!” my wife called out when I showed her the invitation flier to the Kriek & Frites party on May 8-9 at Place Jourdan in Brussels. Neither the flier nor its typically Belgian offer implied any connection with the EU. Given my early school days were spent in the Soviet Union, I associated the dates rather with the end of World War II. So what’s this Europe Day anyway?

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Panel discussion "The Idea of Europe – Next Generation" May 2, 2014

“Dispute over Europe”: Congress kick-off

(photos by Hartwig Klappert) On May 2, 2014, I took part in a public panel discussion “The Idea of Europe – Next Generation” in Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin. It was a part of the kick-off of the congress “Dispute over Europe”.  My full statement can be read here. The […]

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EU-populism (illustration credits: http://www.voxeurop.eu/en/content/article/4306161-populism-not-real-issue)

The EU-rope Confusion and the Politics of Consensus

There is a certain con­fu­sion be­tween the EU and Eu­rope which serves sev­eral anti-de­mo­c­ra­tic in­ter­ests. Con­sen­sus pol­i­tics gov­erns Brus­sels and any cri­tique of the in­sti­tu­tions is being cen­sored out from the pub­lic sphere as prim­i­tive Eu­roscep­ti­cism. It is no won­der that an­other record low in vot­ers’ turnout is ex­pected on May 25th.

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Israel Biggest Exporter of Drones, Bloomberg report film still

Israel – an incubator of solutions for the global war on terror?

Watching Jeremy Scahill’s film Dirty Wars, I again had a strong intuition that Israel is a kind of laboratory for warfare tactics and technologies that are later used by the US and become part of the global strategy.

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