Israel – an incubator of solutions for the global war on terror?

Watching Jeremy Scahill’s film Dirty Wars, I again had a strong intuitional feeling that Israel is a kind of laboratory for warfare tactics and technologies that are later used by the US and become part of the global strategy.

I am thinking about the way the War on Terror resembles the struggle against Palestinian terrorists that Israel had been leading during the time when there were frequent attacks on buses in Israel. I think of the recent prisoners swap of the US-American soldier Bowe Bergdahl and Guantanamo prisoners. But, above all, I think of drones.

Long before drones have become an omnipresent concept, I remember how praised was the Israeli speciality in military industry – unmanned aircrafts (מזל”טים). Israel has been developing this technology since the late 1970s. And Israel’s targeted assassinations of Palestinian terrorists from the air were a much debated reality in Israel long before the infamous assassination by the US of its own citizen Anwar al-Awlaki followed by a killing of his teenage son. The former White House Drone Program director, Richard Clarke has recently confirmed my intuition that ‘that is the Israelis started this all’.

Bloomberg report on Israel drone exports - film still

Israel Biggest Exporter of Drones, Bloomberg report film still

In the last years, there haven’t been a terrorist mass-attacks on Israeli civilians in the scale of the bus explosions in the beginning of the 2000s. Perhaps, it proves the effectiveness of the security wall built around the West-Bank. I just wonder what is the next Israeli security innovation to be exported globally?