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European Parliament Building with fragment of the Berlin Wall, Brussels (Photo: Daniel Tkatch)

Europe Day or What-Does-Europe-Want Day?

“It’s Europe Day!” my wife called out when I showed her the invitation flier to the Kriek & Frites party on May 8-9 at Place Jourdan in Brussels. Neither the flier nor its typically Belgian offer implied any connection with the EU. Given my early school days were spent in the Soviet Union, I associated the dates rather with the end of World War II. So what’s this Europe Day anyway?

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Panel discussion "The Idea of Europe – Next Generation" May 2, 2014

“Dispute over Europe”: Congress kick-off

(photos by Hartwig Klappert) On May 2, 2014, I took part in a public panel discussion “The Idea of Europe – Next Generation” in Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin. It was a part of the kick-off of the congress “Dispute over Europe”.  My full statement can be read here. The […]

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EU-populism (illustration credits:

The EU-rope Confusion and the Politics of Consensus

There is a certain con­fu­sion be­tween the EU and Eu­rope which serves sev­eral anti-de­mo­c­ra­tic in­ter­ests. Con­sen­sus pol­i­tics gov­erns Brus­sels and any cri­tique of the in­sti­tu­tions is being cen­sored out from the pub­lic sphere as prim­i­tive Eu­roscep­ti­cism. It is no won­der that an­other record low in vot­ers’ turnout is ex­pected on May 25th.

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Israel Biggest Exporter of Drones, Bloomberg report film still

Israel – an incubator of solutions for the global war on terror?

Watching Jeremy Scahill’s film Dirty Wars, I again had a strong intuition that Israel is a kind of laboratory for warfare tactics and technologies that are later used by the US and become part of the global strategy.

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Nước | 2030
Panorama 2014
VNM 2014
REGIE: Nguyễn-Võ Nghiêm-Minh
Quỳnh Hoa

Nuoc – Klimawandel? Bitte weiter träumen.

Der vietnamesische Regisseur Nguyễn-Võ Nghiêm-Minh erzählt in Nước (2014) – einem ersten Science Fiction-Film aus Vietnam – davon, wie die Erderwärmung die Verhältnisse in Süd-Vietnam verändern kann. Eine Filmkritik.

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Ariel Sharon photographed in 2005 shortly before his stroke. Photograph: Gali Tibbon/AFP/Getty Images

Sharon’s Turn

Almost all of the obituaries on Ariel Sharon, use the controversiality cliché and fall into the conceptual trap of a political and ethical turn ascribed to almost all renowned Israeli politicians. However, Sharon had a controversiality of a “bulldozer” a nickname that much better describes his legacy.

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