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Manar and Kareem in "Junction 48" (© Dig The Movie LLC 2016)

Brothers and Others: Israel-Palestine in “Junction 48″

Udi Aloni’s “Junction 48″ won this year’s Berlinale Panorama Audience Award. Is Israel-Palestine standing at an important crossroads in its history? An interview

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Nước | 2030
Panorama 2014
VNM 2014
REGIE: Nguyễn-Võ Nghiêm-Minh
Quỳnh Hoa

Nuoc – Klimawandel? Bitte weiter träumen.

Der vietnamesische Regisseur Nguyễn-Võ Nghiêm-Minh erzählt in Nước (2014) – einem ersten Science Fiction-Film aus Vietnam – davon, wie die Erderwärmung die Verhältnisse in Süd-Vietnam verändern kann. Eine Filmkritik.

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I kóri | The Daughter
Berlinale Forum 2013
Greece/Italy 2012
Direction: Thanos Anastopoulos
Savina Alimani, Yorgos Symeonidis

Ready to act – Berlinale 2013 on youth dealing with the economic crisis

The recent years has made us almost numb to seeing politicians around the globe in their seemingly ceaseless efforts to address the lingering economic crisis which is ready to encircle ever more countries. Intergovernmental agreements are being worked out and then, finally, met. Banks and financial structures are saved and […]

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Lose Your Head
Panorama 2013
DEU 2013
DIRECTOR: Stefan Westerwelle, Patrick Schuckmann
Fernando Tielve, Marko Mandić

“Lose Your Head” cautions party tourists

British ministers are reportedly considering to launch a negative campaign in Romania and Bulgaria to try and discourage potential immigrants with more or less the following message: Britain’s streets are not paved with gold, the weather is depressing and the few vacant jobs are underpaid. Some viewers might be amused to think […]

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Lose Your Head
Panorama 2013
DEU 2013
DIRECTOR: Stefan Westerwelle, Patrick Schuckmann
Marko Mandić, Fernando Tielve

“Lose Your Head” – eine Warnung an Partytouristen

Man hört ja gerade überall davon: in Großbritannien ist angeblich eine  Negativkampagne geplant, die Bulgaren und Rumänen davon abhalten soll, im Vereinigten Königreich Arbeit zu suchen. Das soll mit der Message erreicht werden, dass die Straßen nicht mit Gold gepflastert, das Wetter deprimierend und die wenigen freien Stellen extrem schlecht […]

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Film still from "Bestiare", Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin

Observations in and on “Bestiaire”

Watching monkeys at a zoo, one can never be quite sure who is observing whom. During one of my few visits to Berlin’s Zoologischer Garten, a smart little caged creature held its hands to its face as if holding an imaginary camera. It looked at me through the thus formed […]

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