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Elia Suleiman (photo credit: Sarajevo Film Festival)

Elia Suleiman: Hope and Action Despite Pessimism [interview]

On the role of the engaged art in an increasingly globalized world and old and new Jerusalems.

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A film-still from "Europe, She Loves" © 2016 2:1 Film / lüthje schneider hörl FILM

Europe, She Loves: A portrait of the BoredOfItAll generation

“May you live in interesting times,” says a Chinese curse. Jan Gassmann’s “Europe, She Loves” pays a tribute to European youth’s lost years.

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"Made in Illegality" — fruits and beauty products coming from Israeli settlements (photo: Anne Paq,

Labelling Settlement Products: Economic or Symbolic Pressure?

Benjamin Netanyahu might be right— the European Union indeed “singles out” Israel by its recent labelling guidelines. But maybe not exactly the way he thinks.

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“German life” for all, refugees and Europeans alike

“German life” for all, refugees and Europeans alike

The refugee crisis is holding up a mirror to the European Union which reflects a troubling image— an image that cannot be talked away by morality rhetoric.

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The House of the Greek Parliament (photo: Del Mich, 2009)

Yes or No: The Last Sequel to the Greek Tragedy?

When just about everybody joins the condemnation chorus, the sanest stance is to remain sceptical, even when running the risk of being automatically lumped together with the usual suspects.

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European Parliament Building with fragment of the Berlin Wall, Brussels (Photo: Daniel Tkatch)

Europe Day or What-Does-Europe-Want Day?

“It’s Europe Day!” my wife called out when I showed her the invitation flier to the Kriek & Frites party on May 8-9 at Place Jourdan in Brussels. Neither the flier nor its typically Belgian offer implied any connection with the EU. Given my early school days were spent in the Soviet Union, I associated the dates rather with the end of World War II. So what’s this Europe Day anyway?

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