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Sydney schoolgirl Stephanie Kurlow (photo: Stephanie Kurlow)

Meta-Nation for Dummies

Newcomers could profit from an informative crash course on their hosts’ norms and values. But the question “What does it mean to live in a multi-ethnic society, in a meta-nation?” is one that hosts themselves should not put aside for too long.

29/01/2016 ×

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A man walks in front of a burning building after a Syrian Air force air strike in Ain Tarma neighbourhood of Damascus, January  27, 2013. (REUTERS/Goran Tomasevic/Files)

Bombing ideas: Europe’s and ISIL’s radical solutions

It’s easy to dismiss the increasing drumroll of war in London and Berlin as a panic-fuelled reaction of madmen who happen to be in power. Yet, the truth might be even more disturbing.

13/12/2015 ×

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“German life” for all, refugees and Europeans alike

“German life” for all, refugees and Europeans alike

The refugee crisis is holding up a mirror to the European Union which reflects a troubling image— an image that cannot be talked away by morality rhetoric.

10/09/2015 ×

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Illustration by Alfredo Martirena Hernandez

German elections from the perspective of a European student

Angela Merkel’s landslide victory in the recent German elections puts her, despite the glaring success, in an ambiguous situation. Germany matters, not only because it has to provide us students with a steady supply of Faber-Castell pencils and Stabilo markers. It has the power to shape the future of the continent.

15/11/2013 ×