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A film-still from "Europe, She Loves" © 2016 2:1 Film / lüthje schneider hörl FILM

Europe, She Loves: A portrait of the BoredOfItAll generation

“May you live in interesting times,” says a Chinese curse. Jan Gassmann’s “Europe, She Loves” pays a tribute to European youth’s lost years.

26/02/2016 ×

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The House of the Greek Parliament (photo: Del Mich, 2009)

Yes or No: The Last Sequel to the Greek Tragedy?

When just about everybody joins the condemnation chorus, the sanest stance is to remain sceptical, even when running the risk of being automatically lumped together with the usual suspects.

03/07/2015 ×

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I kóri | The Daughter
Berlinale Forum 2013
Greece/Italy 2012
Direction: Thanos Anastopoulos
Savina Alimani, Yorgos Symeonidis

Ready to act – Berlinale 2013 on youth dealing with the economic crisis

The recent years has made us almost numb to seeing politicians around the globe in their seemingly ceaseless efforts to address the lingering economic crisis which is ready to encircle ever more countries. Intergovernmental agreements are being worked out and then, finally, met. Banks and financial structures are saved and […]

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