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Manar and Kareem in "Junction 48" (© Dig The Movie LLC 2016)

Brothers and Others: Israel-Palestine in “Junction 48″

Udi Aloni’s “Junction 48″ won this year’s Berlinale Panorama Audience Award. Is Israel-Palestine standing at an important crossroads in its history? An interview

02/03/2016 ×

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Netanyahu at the 37th World Zionist Congress

Bibi’s Ghosts are Europe’s too

On Netanyahu’s use of history to deny the Israeli-Palestinian conflict its political status and history’s consequences for the European Union’s involvement in the region

05/11/2015 ×

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Ariel Sharon photographed in 2005 shortly before his stroke. Photograph: Gali Tibbon/AFP/Getty Images

Sharon’s Turn

Almost all of the obituaries on Ariel Sharon, use the controversiality cliché and fall into the conceptual trap of a political and ethical turn ascribed to almost all renowned Israeli politicians. However, Sharon had a controversiality of a “bulldozer” a nickname that much better describes his legacy.

12/01/2014 ×

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Would You Sleep With an Arab (film still)

“Would You Have Sex With an Arab?” – Zur Eröffnung des One World Berlin Human Rights Filmfestivals

Die Filmvorführung des Dokumentarfilms “Would You Have Sex With an Arab?”, eine Zusammenarbeit der französisch-jüdischen Filmemacherin Yolande Zauberman und des libanesisch-französischen Journalisten und Autors Sélim Nassib zur Eröffnung des One World Berlin Human Rights Filmfestivals kommt zu einem Zeitpunkt, als die Realität uns wieder zeigt, wie akut die Situation im […]

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