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Manar and Kareem in "Junction 48" (© Dig The Movie LLC 2016)

Brothers and Others: Israel-Palestine in “Junction 48″

Udi Aloni’s “Junction 48″ won this year’s Berlinale Panorama Audience Award. Is Israel-Palestine standing at an important crossroads in its history? An interview

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European Parliament Building with fragment of the Berlin Wall, Brussels (Photo: Daniel Tkatch)

Europe Day or What-Does-Europe-Want Day?

“It’s Europe Day!” my wife called out when I showed her the invitation flier to the Kriek & Frites party on May 8-9 at Place Jourdan in Brussels. Neither the flier nor its typically Belgian offer implied any connection with the EU. Given my early school days were spent in the Soviet Union, I associated the dates rather with the end of World War II. So what’s this Europe Day anyway?

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Zizek on Mapplethorpe

Zizek on Mapplethorpe

Let us say I were to publish a video clip on YouTube depicting in detail how I shit, how the anal hole gradually gets wider, the excremental sausage falls out, while also showing the stupidly satisfied/relaxed expression of my face when the shit falls out. You would say disgusting. Then […]

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