Zizek on Mapplethorpe

Let us say I were to publish a video clip on YouTube depicting in detail how I shit, how the anal hole gradually gets wider, the excremental sausage falls out, while also showing the stupidly satisfied/relaxed expression of my face when the shit falls out. You would say disgusting. Then I would hire a critic who would have written the following. “Like Mr. Mapplethorpe Mr. Žižek struggles against inhibitions about the human body. His use of bodily excrement is not intended to arouse disgust, but to challenge the notion of disgust where the human body is concerned. It is possible to see Mr. Žižek’s use of bodily excrements as pure provocation. But you can also believe that Mr. Žižek views them as a form of purification – the body gets purified by ejecting excrements. The excrements make us look at the images harder and consider basic religious doctrines about matter and spirit.”